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Live to Hunt and Fish Podcast

A western hunting and fishing podcast focused on sharing the wisdom of our expert guests. We seek out the experts in the Hunting and Fishing world, and bring their knowledge to you. Our show is here to educate and motivate you to become a better hunter and angler.

Jun 6, 2018

Fishing the Deschutes River in central Oregon with with Amy Hazel.  Amy and her husband John own Deschutes Angler Fly Shop in Maupin so they are located in the center of all the action the Deschutes has to offer.  The Deschutes cuts through the middle of the state and runs for 252 miles from its' headwaters in southern Oregon to the mouth where it flows into the Columbia River. The Deschutes has a strong population of Summer Steelhead and "redside" trout that make the Deschutes a jewel among the rivers out west.  There are a few rules involved in fishing the Deschutes but those rules are also how this amazing fishery stays available to anyone who may want to catch fish there.