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Live to Hunt and Fish Podcast

A western hunting and fishing podcast focused on sharing the wisdom of our expert guests. We seek out the experts in the Hunting and Fishing world, and bring their knowledge to you. Our show is here to educate and motivate you to become a better hunter and angler.

Oct 25, 2018

When you get that trophy of a lifetime you want to make sure you take good care of the hide, cape, and antlers.  Your taxidermist can fix a lot of mistakes but if you do a good job in the field your mount will look better when it is finished.  Today I talk to Cory Wright of Cory Wright Taxidermy about how to cape out and skin your trophy properly.  When to salt and when not to.  How to best ship your trophy if you are hunting out of state or out of the country.  There is a lot of assorted advice out there but listen to your taxidermist.