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Live to Hunt and Fish Podcast

A western hunting and fishing podcast focused on sharing the wisdom of our expert guests. We seek out the experts in the Hunting and Fishing world, and bring their knowledge to you. Our show is here to educate and motivate you to become a better hunter and angler.

May 13, 2018

Trophy Steelhead are something that I have traveled far and wide to pursue.  They are elusive and are the thing of fishing legend.  Even so if you focus your time in certain rivers, at certain times of year, you can hook up with one of these monsters.  On this episode we talk to guide Chris Vertopoulos about how he targets these rare fish.  We go over our preferred hook size and line weights.  A few stories are told which explain why we choose that type of gear. We also tell a story from way back about how we first met and and how small this fishing community really is.  You can contact Chris on Instagram and Facebook, or on his website at Thanks for listening!