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Live to Hunt and Fish Podcast

A western hunting and fishing podcast focused on sharing the wisdom of our expert guests. We seek out the experts in the Hunting and Fishing world, and bring their knowledge to you. Our show is here to educate and motivate you to become a better hunter and angler.

May 31, 2018

On today's episode we talk to Wil Askew about hunting turkeys on public land. Recently I was lucky enough to join Wil on two hunts on public land in Washington.  After those hunts we sat down in the turkey woods to record this podcast.  We talk about how he got into turkey hunting years ago and how that has become one of his favorite species to pursue.  We also break down some of the calls he uses, what they mean, and when he uses them.  Along with the calls Wil keeps moving, working to find a responsive bird.  A technique often referred to as run and gun.  I enjoyed hunting with Wil, seeing how he gets it done in turkey country.  I learned a lot and I hope you do as well, enjoy the podcast.